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Professional Spray Tans Near ME
Professional Spray Tans

Katie Nelson

Professional Spray Tan Artist

Hi, I’m Katie, your local spray tan artist. After being a stay at home mom for many years, I finally rejoined the workforce a few years ago. While I enjoy my Monday-Friday, I long to get back to my roots. Before I had kids, I was a licensed cosmetologist. I loved helping people feel beautiful and confident. For years I’ve been thinking about spray tanning. I kept putting it off and finally decided to jump in and get certified. I LOVE it. Once again, I get to help people build confidence and feel beautiful in their skin. 


With my background in cosmetology, I feel comfortable and confident formulating your own unique solution for your custom spray tan. Not to mention, I understand the need for proper sanitation of tools and implements, and how to complete that process. 


When I am not running around town bronzing these beautiful babes, you can find me relaxing with my family. My two middle school-aged daughters keep me and my husband pretty busy.  When we are not running them to and from practice, activities, and social commitments, you can find me curled up on the couch watching true crime documentaries or out on the boat enjoying our short summer sun!

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