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About 218 Tan

Mobile Tanning Service

I am Katie Nelson, Professional Spray Tan Artist, specializing in flawless custom spray tans. I only use the highest quality FDA-approved DHA-based sunless tanning solution to assure you receive the safest all-natural healthy glow possible. No streaks. No orange. Natural-looking tans.


I want to provide a perfect tanning experience to my clients and help them feel and look beautiful with a healthier alternative to UV tanning. A spray tan can make you look healthier and leaner and disguise cellulite, blemishes, and other skin imperfections. Dermatologists recommend spray tanning because it is UV free and safer than tanning beds or laying out in the sun. 


Looking and feeling fabulous is just a Spray Tan away! Spray tans are offered in the privacy of your home. Your healthy tan is waiting for you; book an appointment today. 


Glowing Skin Ahead

Best Value

The Package



The Package: 5 Classic tans. Non refundable, non transferable, expire 1 year from purchase.

Valid for one year

How to Prepare

  • Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Using an exfoliating glove or mitt (not a scrub product), exfoliate your entire body from head to toe. Pay special attention to dry areas like feet, knees, elbows, neck, underarms, and back of arms. The best way to exfoliate is to use a mitt specifically for exfoliation. You will want to avoid scrubs and loofahs, as most scrubs are oil-based and will hinder your spray tan from developing properly. 

  • If you are sunburnt or have been sunburnt or in a tanning bed in the last 4-6 weeks, consider canceling or rescheduling your spray tan.

  • Shave at least 8 hours before the appointment.

  • Discontinue the use of any retinol or retinoids.

  • Discontinue the use of any washes with sulfates.

  • Keep your skin hydrated. Drink lots of water! Avoid lotions with mineral oil or petroleum.

  • Discontinue using any bar soap, Dove, or Dial products. These will disrupt the pH balance of your skin and result in an uneven tan, patchiness, and sometimes orange results.

  • Ensure all manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials, and massages are done at least the day before your appointment. The oils used during these services will create a barrier between your skin and the spray tan application, resulting in an uneven glow.

  • Pregnant? Congrats! We spray all pregnant women after the first trimester is complete. 

Girls at Bachelorette Party

Group Tan?

Wedding/Bach Parties, Prom, Girls' weekend, Etc

Bronzed Reviews

Knowledgeable and professional. My daughter and I both got sprayed and were able to choose between a classic spray or the rapid. We both went with classic based on the day’s schedule but our tans turned out natural, even and fairly dark. No orange! looked great!



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