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  • Will I be orange?
    No! Spray tanning has come so far in the last 10 years. It’s not really something to worry about, as long as you have an educated technician. I will make a custom blend solution, specific to your skin type, right there on the spot.
  • How does this work?
    I will come directly to your house, office, or desired space. All I need is room for my pop up tent and access to an outlet. Natural light is always loved and adored. I will be in and out in about 30 minutes.
  • How long will my tan last?
    You can expect your tan to last 7-10 days+. I always tell my clients, it’s 50% how I spray and 50% how you prep and care for your tan. When you book your tan you will receive detailed prep and care instructions. Things like exfoliating before your tan and moisturizing after will help extend the life of your tan
  • Can I shave my legs with a spray tan?
    Yes, however, it’s important to use a razor that lacks a moisture strip and avoid shaving cream. Instead opt for sulfate free conditioner.
  • Can I swim with a spray tan?
    You can! Although to avoid premature fading I would avoid long periods of time in the water. This includes: long showers, hot tubs, and extended time in the pool.
  • What body wash, lotion and sunscreen should I use?
    It’s important to avoid products with sulfates and parabens. Some brands I would recommend are Native, CeraVe, and Cetaphil. As for sunscreens, ditch the aerosols. These contain alcohol and will dry you out way faster than a cream. I love and recommend Sunbum.
  • What do I wear during my spray tan?
    You can dress to your comfort level. Some people will wear swimsuits, some will go nude. Anything in between there is acceptable. I do offer disposable thongs as an option, too. Whatever you choose is fine by me, just make sure you are ok with the tan line they will leave.
  • What is the difference between classic and rapid rinse?
    The only difference in these two solutions is your rinse time. Classic has a rinse time of 8-12 hours and rapid rinse allows you to rinse in 2-5 hours depending on level of darkness you are wanting. Both solutions will take 24 hours for your tan to fully develop.
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